Welcome to the Bakkour Memory and Decision Lab!

The Bakkour lab focuses on understanding how we use memory of the past to make decisions for the future. We use the tools of cognitive neuroscience, namely fMRI, eye tracking, and computational modeling to elucidate the computations that the brain performs when humans draw on their experience to make everyday decisions.

New paper validating a novel browser-based aggression task: RC-RAGE

We have a new paper out in Behavioral Research Methods in collaboration with friends and collaborators Dr. Kim Meidenbauer and Dr. Marc Berman! The paper’s title is “Characterizing the role of impulsivity in costly, reactive aggression using a novel paradigm”. You...

We are building the team!

The lab will be looking to add grad students and postdocs to the team. If you are interested in the interactions between memory and decision-making, please get in touch! Learn more here.