Welcome to the Bakkour Memory and Decision Lab!

The Bakkour lab focuses on understanding how we use memory of the past to make decisions for the future. We use the tools of cognitive neuroscience, namely fMRI, eye tracking, and computational modeling to elucidate the computations that the brain performs when humans draw on their experience to make everyday decisions.

PhD Applicants: Submit your applications by December 1!

For Fall 2021 matriculation, online applications for Psychology PhD programs must be submitted by December 1, 2020 through the Division of the Social Sciences.  We are looking to recruit doctoral students to join the lab next fall! Please reach out to Dr. Bakkour...

UChicago Psych Graduate Admissions Webinar, October 22 @4pm CDT

Psychology @ UChicago: How to Survive and Thrive in the Psychology Graduate Application Process 2020 The Department of Psychology at UChicago will be hosting an admissions webinar for all prospective PhD applicants in Psychology. This event will be held on...

The Bakkour Lab is live!

Welcome to the Bakkour Memory and Decision Lab! We are officially live and ready to establish our new home at the University of Chicago. Meet our inaugural members who will be joining Dr. Akram Bakkour: Hayoung Ahn (lab manager), Xinyue Li (MAPSS student), and...

We are building the team!

The lab will be looking to add grad students and postdocs to the team. If you are interested in the interactions between memory and decision-making, please get in touch! Learn more here.